Rhys Harper

New Mexico is in my blood. My family has been vacationing here since I was just a year old, and now my parents have built our new family home in the beautiful Carson National Forest, at the base of the ski area – on the very land my mom learned to ski as a little girl. From the culture, to the food, and most importantly, the people – New Mexico stole my heart almost 34 years ago, and I am so excited to be working here.

Awards + Recognition

My work has been featured in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Upworthy, Mic.com, TLC, and in 2016 I became part of an Emmy-nominated team for my role in filming a New York Times Op-Doc.


Taylor Petty

I am Taylor Petty, an adventurous lifestyle photographer.

Born in raised in the Texas Panhandle, growing up spending every summer camping in Carson National Forest. My passion for photography began back in 2009, with sports photography. When I had my son, Vann, I realized how precious every small moment in life is… how quickly things pass right before your eyes. Therefore, the importance of documenting the things you love most.

A dear friend of mine got married back in 2017, a small wedding with a very small budget. She asked me to photograph her wedding. Instantly, I thought to myself “No way, Jose!” Because up until this point I had spent my time photographing families, seniors and babies. But I would never tell my friend no… And every day, I thank the Lord for giving me the leap of faith to photograph that wedding. That one small little wedding lit a fire in me… a fire that gave me a dream, career and a love I didn’t know existed.

I always love an opportunity to enjoy fresh mountain air while capturing authentic love and being able to express my artistic passion. I am forever grateful.